Whether Celonis(either OP or Cloud) support Oracle database?

Dear Experts

Does anyone know if Celonis OP system or the IBC Hybrid deployment supports Oracle database? Is there any customer references?


Hi Kai,

Oracle is supported in OnPremise (see screenshot below)

I am not sure about the hybrid scenario … according to the documentation (https://YourCompanyName.celonis.cloud/help/display/CIBC/Transformations) only MS SQL or SAP HANA.

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Hi Kay,

Appreciate your reply! I should make the questions more clear - for on premise version, can Celonis system itself run on Oracle? : )


I’m not sure I understand your question, Kai.

You mean a setup of the Configuration Store (central storage of the application metadata, system settings, users, groups, analysis, data model)? The Configuration Store only supports PostgreSQL and MSSQL.

Hi Kay, As you aware, Celonis will be 100% IBC in future and also there is migration path for existing customers move from OP to IBC.

So to Answer your question - Celonis IBC works/ Connects to Oracle DB (Both Cloud & OP )

Hope I was able to address your Query ?

Hi Vivekm

Good to hear that!Are you aware of any customers running Celonis( either OP or IBC) on Oracle?


I think there is some confusion here as to which databases IBC “runs on” and which DBs it “connects to” as a data source.

It definitely connects to Oracle DB but I suspect it doesn’t run on oracle DB. Then again, as it is a SaaS, it should not matter to the client which DB the vendor chooses to run it on, should it?

Here the case is, customer would like to keep the data in local(as much as possible), even for IBC Celonis supports a deployment option - Leave the Data in Place to use a local database for data storage

For the Leave-Your-Data-In-Place-Scenario please check my link above




The Leave-Your-Data-In-Place-Scenario only supports MS SQL Server or SAP HANA as data store.

As @123mdv wrote before, you could connect an oracle db in full cloud scenario but not for the leave-your-data-in-place-scenario. You could use the oracle db only as a source system (see picture).

Agree with 123mdv and Kasperkowitz.

Customer can opt to have dedicated LDP Server either on OP/Cloud ( AWS & Others) but OS & Virtual DB is limited HANA/ MySQL for now.

Hi Kai,

Yes, you can connect Celonis IBC (and on premise as well) with an Oracle database. We (www.processminery.com) are avspecialized Oracle Partner and have connected several Oracle (EBS R12) databases and Oracle ERP Cloud instances. Also Celonis provide out of the box Oracle EBS R12 connectors and Apps in the Celonis App Store.