What is key difference of Celonis to other BI tools?

Hi all,

How can I explain key point of Celonis than other process mining tools? I know what is Celonis benefit but I’m not quitesure “Why Celonis”.

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Hi Jumbo,

I always (oversimplified) explain it like follows:

Celonis is a process-aware dashboarding tool.

It offers similar features such as PowerBI, Cognos, Click, Tableau, etc.
However, instead of the tabular data used in these tools, Celonis can work with activity (and case) data.

Compared to other process mining software, Celonis is the more user friendly and performant dashboarding tool. (although I must honestly say its the Ferrari under the tools: quite cool and very useful, but also the more expensive tool)

Hope this helps.

And I’m looking forward to your arguments for/against Celonis :slight_smile:



If a customer wants to view Celonis data in their own reporting tool, would an extract be the easiest? PowerBI, Cognos, Qlik, Tableau and SAP Analytics Cloud and even SAP Fiori HTML5?



I think that is not very easy. When I do that, I create OLAP table on a analytics and extract shown data by csv file, there is no data downloader tool.