What can you do within your snap team?

Curious what you can do with Celonis Snap?

Celonis Snap is the world’s first free and open process mining software. Once you have signed up and activated your Snap team you are able to:

  • Use our Quickstart to upload up to 500MB of your own event log data from a CSV file and start visualizing the way your processes really work.

  • Connect your ServiceNow Incident Management Process for free and with no installation required. Gain valuable insights instantly with our pre-built Celonis for ServiceNow apps.Connecting your ServiceNow with Celonis Snap gives you:

    • 100% Transparency: Intelligent algorithms help you to reconstruct, analyze, and understand your ServiceNow processes accurately, so you can focus on the most important areas of improvement.

    • Reduce Ticket Volume & Resolution Costs: Enables you to identify and eliminate the root causes of inefficiencies across your entire service desk operation to decrease costs & volumes.

    • Increase Ticket Resolution Efficiency: Solve tickets faster by optimizing assignment rules, reducing multi-hop tickets and optimizing your automation potential.

  • Use the following features:

    • Process Discovery: Visualize your process objectively and understand all variations, breakdowns and opportunities for improvement.

    • Process Analysis: Identify root causes of process variations and deviations, and quantify the business impact.

    • Team Collaboration: Share process insights instantly with others to work collaboratively.

    • Conformance Checker: Know exactly what causes deviations from standard processes. Upload PM models or build your own, and perform an instant audit.

    • Benchmarking: Compare processes across the department to identify best practices.

    • Action Engine: Based on your comprehensive process data, Action Engine derives intelligent recommendations for every person involved and helps them contribute to your process improvement initiatives.

    • Access free Celonis Training & Resources

  • Take advantage of step-by-step guidance and built-in resources like video walkthroughs

  • If you’re not ready to connect data yet, we’ve also added some pre-built analyses, so you can jump in and play around with Process Discovery