Vlookup function in Celonis



Is there a Celonis Standard KPI that does the same as the excel Vlookup function? If there is not, can you give an example to right a function that returns approximately the same result as the excel vlookup function?



Hello Lauriane,

the best substitute for the VLOOKUP really depends on the use case. The big difference in handling data in Celonis compared to a spreedsheet tool like Excel is that the data is not located “in” the sheet but rather is retrieved from the underlying data model.

One use case that makes sense and can be implemented quite easily is e.g. when you want to retrieve the KPI value for a certain dimension that has distinct entries for all values e.g. case key. If, for example, you wanted to retrieve the Net Order Value for a Purchase Order with a certain Case Key, you could

  1. create a single KPI with the Net Order Value column in it
  2. Apply a component filter where you filter on the respective Case Key
  3. make this filter dynamic by inserting a variable and set this value with a separate button dropdown dynamically

There is really no one fits all solution here, so if that did not solve your specific issue feel free to let us know your exact use case.



What would be the best way to compare the data coming from two OLAP table in a 3rd table?


Hello Lauriane,

what do you mean by comparing? If you wanted to do some mathematical operations on the rows e.g. adding up you could simply combine the KPI codes like KPI(TABLE1)+KPI(TABLE2).