Using PU function to get all records

Hello Team,

We are trying to create CSO KPI where we need 3 tables VBRP,VBRK,M_VMCFA. To avoid duplicate issue we have joined VBRK to VBRP and VBRk to M_VMCFA.

We need all the records from M_VMCFA where M_VMCFA is a temporary table where SAP records a status of a document with accounting error. A document can pass from one error to another at different points in time, reason to appending the new data to old data (temporary stored in SAP).

But now the issue is when we call VBRP,VBRK,M_VMCFA in KPI we need to use Pull up function so if we use PU_FIRST or PU_LAST its giving us only one record.

Can you help us on how can we get all records not one.

thanks and regards,
Kaveri B