Use multiple data models in same analytics

Hi Team,

Is there any way that I can use data from multiple data models into single analytics.
If yes, Could you please guide me through?


Hi Sachin,

I’m reluctant to categorically say that it’s not possible without better understanding what you aim to achieve.

If you just want to attach additional meta data tables to a data model that are usually associated with a different data model, then it may be possible to add the table to the data model, provided there are any possible foreign key joins to tables already in your data model. If this is what you want to do, then please reply with the following information:

  1. What is the table(s) called you want to add?

  2. What’s the name of the process you want to add it to?

  3. Send a screenshot of this process in its current form.

  4. Pictures detailing all foreign key joins connecting the tables.

Are you a Celonis 4 or IBC customer? If you’re a IBC customer we could try to talk you through the process of adding extra tables. But even then, you’re probably better off asking your company’s Celonis contact person to organise getting a Data Scientists to do it for you. If you’re a Celonis 4 customer, then changing your model requires making changes to the code in your data source system. I would definitely caution against any attempt to do this without working in close collaborations with an expert data scientist who has access to your data mode.

If what you actually want to do is to make a single analysis where you can view two data different processes. I.e. P2P and O2C, side by side. Then this is not possible. They way Celonis is set up, there must always be one case table and one activity table. So, making a new data model that contains both old data models wouldn’t work. It’s also not possible (or at least not advisable) to merge the process to make one case table as different process define what counts as a ‘case’ differently.

If this doesn’t answer your question, then please write back with more details about your idea, and please let us know which Celonis version your using so we can answer your question as helpfully as possible.