Transporting analysis with images between CPM4 environments


We have an issue where images in analyses result in errors after transporting them between CPM4 environments.

As we have a development and production environment of Celonis CPM4.6 we regularly move analyses and data models from the dev to the production environment. Analyses without images, or with the company logo, work fine. However, recently we encounter issues when transporting analyses that contain images. Is there any way to solve this without manually re-linking all the images?

Dear joosbuijs,

yes, this is a known issue. This happens for images that are set to “Shared” in the Image Component. If the images are not shared, the transport should work fine.

A quick fix to get all images working would be to copy the affected images from the source installation directory (DEV) into the target installation directory (PROD).
The directories are ./appfiles/uploads/assets for WIN and ./root/uploads/assets for Linux.

Best Regards


Thanks a lot!

I tested the usage of non-shared images and this solves the issue.