Throughput time between one activity and multiple others

Hello everyone,
Is there the possibility of calculating the throughput time between between one activity lets say ‘Create Order’ and multiple occuring activities, lets say ‘Change date’. The problem is that Change date can happen multiple time and at each occurance the time between create order and change date should be caluclated.

The process is for example:
‘Create Order’-> ‘…’ -> ‘Change date’ -> ‘…’ -> ‘Change date’

The result, which i want to see is a histogram chart with the information:
number of occurances
number of days between create order and change date
In this example giving me 2 bars for each time difference.

Hope i made my case clear.
Thanks for any support!

Hi there,

You can solve this problem through the use of AVTIVITY_LEAD which allows you to identify Activity Sequences and do calculations on them. Here you can find more information on this:

To create a histogram, you can then use custom dimensions to show your result.

Hope that helps,
Celonis Data Science Team


Thanks for the message, but somehow when clicking on your link the login for microsoft is opened. When proceeding with my microsoft credentials the access is denied.