Temporal Dimension for KPIs like Change Rate, Automation Rate etc

Hi together,

I have a general question regarding your approach for the temporal dimension of KPIs.
If you take for example in the O2C process the SO Creation Date as dimension for the automation rate the KPI will change retroactive because over time there will be more and more activities for a sales order. This makes it really complicated to report those numbers.
Same applies for the change rate.

Due to that fact we applied for some KPIs a background filter which filters on orders which are “finished” for example where there goods are already shipped. Doing that you won’t have the problem with retroactive changes over time but your KPIs might differ from some KPIs you can show for example in the process explorer.

What are your thoghts on that? Do you have any recommendations?

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Hey Friedemann,

I am new to Celonis so far from an expert. So my suggestion is theoretical not in practice. Your use case seems to be a good application for Transformation Center though, again based on my limited knowledge and seeing it during a Celonis Boot Camp session.

If the KPI you are interested in reporting on is changing over time and the historical data is also changing as a result, (making changes in the process now effects historical kpi) I believe you could bring the existing kpi into Transformation Center and basically snapshot the data to be recorded and reported on from the as-of date you can configure. This would not solve for the issue going back in time but I think would solve going forward from when you set up in transformation center.

Interested in following this thread to see other ideas as the use case is very common.

Bryan C

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