Table Configuration Help, Numbers not adding up

I have produced an OLAP table with the following columns for an Order-to-Cash Dashboard analysis with SAP.

The dimension column variable is currently: "VBAP"."MATKL" || ' - ' || "VBAP"."MATKL_TEXT".
The formula for Sales Order KPI is: COUNT_TABLE("VBAK")
The formula for the EDI Order KPI is:SUM(CASE WHEN "VBAK"."ZZEDI_FLAG" = 'X' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)
The formula for EDI % KPI is: KPI("Ratio", "VBAK"."ZZEDI_FLAG" = 'X')

I have two number KPI’s that display metrics for

  1. The # of EDI orders within the OTC process SUM(CASE WHEN "VBAK"."ZZEDI_FLAG" = 'X' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END), and
  2. The # of Sales Orders COUNT_TABLE("VBAK")

The count for these are around 50k and 200k respectively, as they should be. Yet in the OLAP Table, the sum of the rows in the column for EDI Orders is over 300k, and the column for Sales Orders is around 300k, which are incorrect. This issue does not occur when the dimension is Customer: "VBAK"."KUNNR" || ' - ' || "KNA1"."NAME1". I am thinking that perhaps this only occurs when the dimension is from a VBAP table and the KPIs are VBAK?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thanks for the question!

Actually, this is the expected, normal performance, because since your dimension is on VBAP Level, your formula will look for every entry in VBAP where the conditions are met for each KPI. So if one Order (VBAK) has more than one Sales Order Line (VBAP) it will be counted more than once, especially since each Sales Order Line in the VBAP could have different MATKL.


Benedict Lang

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