SQL Server : Connection test failed, please check the Data Connection's configuration and ensure that the system is running: Unexpected error when getting connection with timeout

Hi ,
I am trying to create new connection to my on-prem MS SQL Server Database with database type as Microsoft SQL Server(native) database type but getting an error
“Connection test failed, please check the Data Connection’s configuration and ensure that the system is running: Unexpected error when getting connection with timeout” . Please see screen shot below . My organization already has Celonis set-up.

Port : 1433

Hi Kamal,

I think you are using the wrong Host.

The IP Adress (10.x.x.x) is private (Private Network) and not accessiable via internet (only via your local network). You have to enter the ip address accessible from the internet.

Maybe this guide will help you (enter your celonis url below)

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Thank you very much for quick reply , Kay. Currently , I am in my company Network via VPN . Also I can access this SQL server database via VPN so it seems that I would need to troubleshoot something between IBC and my SQl data base. I did telnet as per help guide but that does not succeed,

Hi Kamal,

I tried to paint your situation (as simple as possible).

Please try telnet companyname-sandbox.us-1.celonis.cloud 443 (without https) … that should work.

The VPN connection ensures that your Notebook/PC is in the company network and that you can access all local IP addresses (included access to your MS SQL Server). But it is not possible to access your MS SQL Server via your internal IP from Internet.

To establish a direct data connection, you must enter an IP address that can be accessed via the Internet. Routing is often set up to forward a call to the external ip/port to an internal ip/port.

I hope this helps to understand.

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Thanks very much , Kay. This makes perfect sense . I wish that we would be working from office without needing external IP. I will talk to my DBAs to have external IP if possible . Though I started using CSV extracts and upload to Celonis to build my data model but this is quite manual and difficult to keep data fresh.

You’re welcome. If your database administrators say no to direct access, you can think about the extraction server scenario.

For more information, see https://YourCompanyName-sandbox.us-1.celonis.cloud/help/display/CIBC/Versions+-+Database+Extractor

Thanks again , Kay . Really appreciate alternatives .

Just one clarification for my curiosity , Can I establish connection between my Celonis IBC and SQL Server DB through Internal IP if I am in my Company Network(without VPN)? I am thinking to build data model and load data in company network and then build my Process analytics via VPN later on . I understand that I need to go to office to refresh my data if needed in the future .

Spontaneously I can’t think of an easy way.

A a data push api is available (Link: [https://YourCompanyName-sandbox.us-1.celonis.cloud/help/display/CIBC/Data+Push+API]) to push data into the celonis ibc.