Sort chart by hidden dimension

Hello Team,

a quick question: in Celonis chart components is it possible to perform sorting on the dimension which is then hidden? In OLAP we can hide the dimensions, I dont see such option for example for column chart.
In our case we want to sort payment terms with their due date from earliest to latest (so 00 is due immediately, 30 is due in 30 days etc.) But now we need show a combination of payment term and this additional number with days).


thanks for reaching out!

I hope that I understood the issue right, otherwise feel free to correct me: You want to the bars shown above sorted in a certain order (by your dimension “Term”)? For now, there is no option to perform sorting on a dimension which is then hidden. But we think this workaround will help:

  • Use only one (custom) dimension which looks like this
    CASE WHEN LFB1.ZTERM = ‘CR00 - 00’ THEN ‘A) CR00 - 00’
    WHEN LFB1.ZTERM = ‘CR07 - 07’ THEN ‘B) CR07 - 07’
    WHEN …

Because of ‘A)…’, ‘B)…’ etc. the bars will be sorted ascending. You can customize this statement and also CONCAT dimension using this -> || between dimension / columns.

Hope this helps.