Setup Social Network analysis completely new: new features and UI


At the moment we face following problem.
We would like to know:

  • which departments work togehter well (works goes into one direction)
  • in which departments we face a lot of rework (which is a sign for additional trainings
  • how many many real active users we have (based on amount of activties per period)
  • setup distance matrices between Users (without seeing one User ID)
  • etc.
    There are many more powerfull informations hiden in this topic.

But with the stringent german dataprotection laws it is not allowed to do any user based analysis.
The current Celonis Social network module has a little of above functionality but:

  • the information is not in tables etc. the UI is totally different from the rest.
  • iAnd you can drill down to every single user.
    We have made some thoughts and have many Userstories about this topic.

Is anybody using the social network at all?

Best Regards Hans.


Hi Hans,

Did you have any progress here and started using user analytics by now?
One suggestion to solve your problem with informations on a single user might be that you limit the level of detail to working groups or departments in your organization. As you can freely choose the user column for the analytics that should not be a problem. Or do you see anything that speaks against this solution to get around your legal restrictions?

Best regards,


Dear Manuel,

At the moment the roll-out of the standard funktionality has been stopped. The reason for this is that other topics like automation etc. are much more important.
Below a screenshot of a nice social network function.

  1. It show for a single activity level who interacts with each other
  2. All cases can even be “replayed” across the network with colours for attributes (Company, supplier , amount etc. etc.)
    3.The colour of the resource and connection is the number of events
  3. Mouse over Funktion for each case.

Below some other handy functions:
Who does what, based on activty list (nice to see if you have single resources)!

As well as an department overview and hand over scheme:

Have :grinning:!