Saving my selection and coming back to it when I want to

We are looking for an option to save a selection like a variant. For e.g. Saving Sales Org, Division and Mateial groups selections as a variant. With the possibility to come back to that selection.

Any suggestion, how to achieve that?

Hey ngupta,

If I remember correctly you are using CPM 4.4 or 4.5.
Both of these versions offer the option to create Bookmarks, which offers the possibility to save your current selections as a preconfigured Bookmark and then, when you call the bookmark, jump back to the exact selection you did before.

You can work with Bookmarks by openeing the bookmarks section in the burger icon at the top right of your analysis.

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Hey @Bene

Yes we use Celonis 4.5. I checked your solution but someohow I don’t see a burger Icon to work with bookmarks. Is there any config which needs to be enabled for the same.


Naveen Gupta

Hey Ngupta,

Maybe Burgen Icon is a bit weird wording, sorry for that, couldn’t find a better description so I think an image is better than any words.


It’s right next (on the left) of the EDIT Button.

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Thanks @Bene. This worked for me.