Reduce the number of shown labels in the dimension axis

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on an analysis for viewers which is going to be exported as image, a stacked area chart in the date range of a year.

Now to my problem:
Their requirement is that every workday has to be shown in the diagram, so the dimension axis gets unreadable because of the amount of dates displayed:

(part of the diagram with the date range of half a year as example)

Is there any way to only display every second or third label on the dimension axis so it looks less cluttered and more readable?

I’ve looked through the component options but couldn’t find anything related exept the tick count, but that doesn’t help me for this case.

Best regards,

Dear Nils,

thank you for reaching out to the Celonis Community Forum.

There are two options to solve this problem, which you can also combine.

  1. Try to rotate the labels to 90 degrees.
  2. Try to decrease the font size

Best regards,
your Celonis Community Forum Team