Question Marks in SQL Code (ID-column)

Hello dear community,

when creating my event log, question marks appear unexpectedly in the ID column. This makes it difficult to write the code. Can anyone help me what this might be due to?Question_Mark_Code

Thanks for any help!!

Hi Vanessa,

did you upload the table from which you select via CSV by chance?
I had the same problem and it occured because the CSV contained non printable or special characters in the column name.
In some rare cases it could also be that the source table from where you pull data from contains a bad character at the beginning of the ID column.

If you don’t continuously update the data in the table, and therefore can simply change the tables structure, you can just rename the column to something without special characters:

ALTER TABLE <Table> RENAME COLUMN <BadColumnName> TO <GoodColumnName>;

Be careful though, as soon as you update the table via a data job (e.g. jdbc uplink or a cloud connector) it will likely break the extraction.

Then I’d recommend creating a view where you rename the bad column name.

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Hi Maximilian,

thank you so much, this is a good advice!!

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