Pycelonis to extract and pull data from analysis/datapool to external MySQL or similar

as pycelonis states:

“Using this package you can programmatically interact with Analyses, Workspaces, Data Models, Data Pools and other Celonis objects. The package also allows pushing and pulling data to and from Data Pools and Data Models.”

I would like to programmmatically interact with celonis analysis (mainly) and extract the data for other purposes and to other sources.
That means, the statement suggests to me the possibility to extract the data from Celonis into an external database like say MySQL.

I dont find a supporting material on this in the documentation.

Can someone shed a bit more light into the darkness here?

Hi ,

You can follow the documentation here: Pulling data from Analysis — pycelonis 1.5.1 documentation

This library is pre-installed in ML workbench so you can also use it to write your program.


Hi Noor.
I am aware of that Docu page, thank you for the note.
The problem ist, when I get the pandas frame:

df = component.get_data_frame()

how can I push it out of the Celonis server into MySQL instance on another Server in the Network?
That is the question.