Prevent multiple selections in Pinned Selection


Is it possible to prevent multiple selection in pinned Selections?

Thank you.


Hello Luis,

could you please elaborate what you mean by a pinned selection?



In analysis, a pinned selection is a “pre” selected condition that you define in load script via “SELECT PINNED” statement.
When you use this feature, it will pin a field selection on top. My question is if we can disable the multiple selection in this pinned selection.
Thank you.


Dear Luís,

Excuse me for the delayed answer. First of all, thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable multiple selections in pinned selections.
This is due to the fact that a pinned selection is just a permanent attribute selection. There you can have multiple selections as well.

If you want to have only one selection, you would probably have to use a button dropdown. You can write the selected value to a variable and put a filter statement based on that variable into the Sheet or Component Filter. The button dropdown allows you to disable multiple selections.