Pop-up with detail-information on analysis

Hi all, is there an option to also create pop-ups when a viewer is moving with the mouse over a field or analysis? E. g. there is a button in the analysis that shows a KPI and when I am putting my mouse over the field there will show up the explanation how the KPI is calculated. I only no the functionality to create message buttons but this makes it confusing. Thanks.

Hi Katharina,

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It is not possible to make info boxes appear when you hover over components. But it is possible to make info boxes that make pop ups open when you click on them. You add a “Button” component and set “Button Action” to “Show Message”. Then in the box you can write information that explains your KPI. If you want to convey a lot of information it helps if you format the message to more readable. Celonis support the use of HTML tags.

There are some Tags already explained in the Component Options within Celonis but if you want to see what other tags you could use here is a link to a complete list.

I hope this helps.

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