Opening a document with a button within an analysis

I would like to open a reference document contained in the File Upload Center using a button. I cannot figure out what the ‘Document ID’ is though. Any variation of “ID” that I enter results in a 404 error.

  1. Where must/can the document be stored for accessing? (I assume its in the file upload of the Event Collection)
  2. Where do I find the Document ID?
  3. Please advise if I am way off and there is a cleaner way to do this.



Welcome to the Celonis Community :slight_smile:
I’m terribly sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. To tell you the truth it’s taken me ages to find an answer for you.

I initially thought that ‘Open document’ means that the button would open a window containing the sheet uploaded in the “File Upload Center”.

However, that’s not actually what it does, rather instead the feature is enables sheets from other analysis to be opened (i.e. in your Accounts Payable Analysis you may want to be able to jump directly to a sheet in your Accounts Receivable analysis) by clicking on a button instead of the needing to select the other analysis in Process analytics.

The name ‘Open Document’ is a little confusing as it opens another Analysis, but this is a holdover from an early version of Celonis when Analysis where still called documents.

If you do want to use the feature to open another analysis sheet. The document id and the sheet id can be found in the URL of the target sheet (the document id is the string of letters and numbers after “documents/” and the sheet id is written after “sheets/”).

The “File Upload Center” enables the uploading of excel sheets containing data frames that can then be added to the process model. If you don’t join the table in this file to the main data model, then it won’t be affected by filters. However, you would still be able to display the information from the table in another sheet. So, what you could do is make a new analysis with a table containing the information and use Open Document to jump to that analysis page with the click of a button.

Thank you for your patients, I hope this helps you find a way to achieve the desired effect.

Best wishes,