Name mapping import/export

is it possible to import the name mapping as an excel file like the general name mapping for Tables and columns (sheets table.mapping and column mapping)
e.g. a mapping for a formula like
PU_FIRST(“EKPO”, “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“EVENTTIME”, “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” = ‘Goods receipt’) as “date of goods receipt”
with an additional sheet in excel?

or is it possible to export the local analyis mapping and import them into other analysis?
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Hi Christian,

you can either choose a name mappring from file or from a database, but not both combined. In case you have additional name mapping for formulas, I recommend using an excel file name mapping with an additional “general-mapping” sheet. That would look like that:


In the analysis you could then use #{DateOfGoodsReceipt} in the title of the KPI.

You cant export the database name mapping in Celonis.



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does anybody have experiences with “general mapping” within an excel upload?
Is it possible, to export all existing translations, not only table-mapping and column-mapping?

When it is not, what happens to existing general translations? Will they be deleted when I do an upload?

When I add a translation in Celonis, only en, de and nl is available. How can I add more languages?

Thank you!

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Hey Carina,

Let me answer your questions one-by-one!

  1. Unfortunately not, general-translation is system only and can’t be extracted.
  2. Not deleted, but I think what you mean is whether or not they will be disregarded, and also here I have to tell you that only what you upload will be used for translations and everything under general mapping in the system disregarded. So yes they will be ‘deleted’.
  3. If I’m correct you should be on Celonis 4.3 with more than three languages available. In general though there is no option to add additional languages, but every language listed in your Celonis Profile should be available for me that’s:


Additionally you can change these languages with the according key in your Excel file analogous to how you would do it for English or German.

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Hello all,

is it possible to use the name mapping also to translate the “text” output of a formula ?
Example: I want to select the CASE having condition 1 and I created the following filter

(‘A’|‘B’|‘C’)+ >> [!‘D’,‘E’,‘F’])>0
THEN ‘with condition 1’
ELSE ‘without condition 1’

But I want to see the output based on my profile language, let´s say German.

I tried to use the below syntax, but not accepted… Maybe there is a solution or maybe not.
Appreciated for your advises.

THEN ‘#{with condition} 1’
ELSE ‘#{without condition} 1’

to show either “mit Zustand 1” or “ohne Zustand 1”.

Kind regards,