Name mapping import/export


is it possible to import the name mapping as an excel file like the general name mapping for Tables and columns (sheets table.mapping and column mapping)
e.g. a mapping for a formula like
PU_FIRST(“EKPO”, “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“EVENTTIME”, “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” = ‘Goods receipt’) as “date of goods receipt”
with an additional sheet in excel?

or is it possible to export the local analyis mapping and import them into other analysis?
best regards


Hi Christian,

you can either choose a name mappring from file or from a database, but not both combined. In case you have additional name mapping for formulas, I recommend using an excel file name mapping with an additional “general-mapping” sheet. That would look like that:


In the analysis you could then use #{DateOfGoodsReceipt} in the title of the KPI.

You cant export the database name mapping in Celonis.