Map Component - Threshholds based on KPI

Hi Community,

I’m currently building a Map in Celonis that shows the number of events per Location or Country. The calculated KPI uses a regular COUNT Function and is shown perfectly fine on the component.

Now I want to apply coloring threshholds according to the data shown on the Map. The highest thresshold is supposed to be the maximum the KPI on the Map. Lets say the marker Germany has the highest number for the calculated KPI, e.g. 1000. Then the thresshold for “red” should be 1000, 800 for orange and 600 for yellow.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it isn’t. Although you can generally use functions to calculate the threshholds, you can’t accomplish this behaviour in a consistent way:

  • We’d need to “manually” aggregrate the KPI towards the Location, then take the MAX
  • The way do determine the MAX per Location would be to use MAX and a PU-Function inside (with a Domain Table for the Location).
  • This works if you’re not applying any selections.
    As soon as you filter your dataset, that function will no return proper results because PU-functions ignore Selections. Thus, the thressholds remain the same when you apply a selection, effectively not representing the shown data any more.

Any ideas on how this could be accomplished?
I like the map component, but unfortunately it doesn’t nearly live up to its potential.
Maybe the above use case is something you could build into the component by default.

Any help is greatly appreciated.