Lead time average calculation

We calculated 6 different lead times. Each lead time is specific for a certain role. Each of this calculation has several Case when formulas in it. These 6 lead times are saved in KPI.

Now I would like to calculate AVG of all these lead times. The problem starts here. I actually can not get the correct values.

Does someone have a working solution for this situation ?


could you please specify the formula that you are using? In that way, I could help you more precisely.


Hi Viana,

I have several Saved formulas. Each represents Lead time calculation for a specific role. Now I would like to calculate average Lead time for all these roles. Unfortunately the outcome is never correct.

These are the saved formulas:

This is a example how the lead time calculations look:

The problem seems to be. That when I try to calculate the average, Celonis never takes the whole saved formula as such, but it always goes inside each case when loop. Therefore it has much higher overall number of cases.