KPIs changing for the past

Dear Celonis Community,

we faced a “problem” with our KPI calculation based on Sales Order Creation Date.

In our graphs we usually show the KPIs (# of SalesDocuments, AutomationRate, etc.) agregated on Sales Order Creation Date.
We have some countries having orders open for several months (e.q backorder handling). If now an order was created in january, all its activities are considered in the KPIs that belong to january. Even (due to the topic i described above) the activities from february to march.

Looking end of january you will see different KPI values than in march, because february and march activities for this order happened and are now considered in the january KPIs.
We know there is a possibility to switch to “Eventtime”, but we didnt find this a good solution either.

I do not really ask for a technical solution, but just for an idea on how other customers handle this topic (do they even noticed it?, do they even face it?).

Thank you very much for a response.