Known bug when uploading a XES file

When you upload your XES file using the Snap quickstart and you see something similar to the following screenshot

then most probably your XES file is missing the global attribute. For instance this is a file that does not have the global attribute and we will have the same problem.

What we need to do here is to add the following global attribute

<global scope="event">
	<string key="id" value="string"/>
	<string key="org:resource" value="string"/>
	<string key="concept:name" value="string"/>
	<date key="time:timestamp" value="2017-01-09T09:49:50.000+01:00"/>
	<string key="org:role" value="string"/>

including the columns that we can find from the event attribute to our XES file.

We can open the XES files with text and after adding the global attribute it’s gonna look like the screenshot below.

we are trying to fix and we will update you as soon as possible.