Join us for Celosphere April 2-4, 2019


Celosphere is coming!

From April 2-4, 2019 Celonis will host the world’s largest process mining technology and business transformation conference here in Munich.

The goal is to inspire, empower and guide leaders to take their organizations into the future through nearly 50 sessions that combine big-picture strategy with practical use cases, training and actionable advice on how to make transformation happen.

We encourage all transformation champions to take part in this event (and to take advantage of the Early-early bird registration discount till December 31)!

Learn more at

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Celosphere is looking for speakers for the Use Case conference track!

Are you eager to share your success with Celonis around digital transformation; maximizing business value; customer service, order to cash, procurement, audit, shared services, or production processes; or intelligent automation implementation?

Please visit to learn more!


Hi all,

I will be on Celosphere and looking forward to meet a lot of active contributors to this community as well as listen for insights from invited speakers! Have you registered? What will be you priorities related to the topics scheduled?


Dear all,
Honored to be a :flashlight::flashlight::flashlight: Spotlight speaker :flashlight::flashlight::flashlight: on the Transformation Use Track for Celosphere! The running title is The Metrics of Success - Introducing the Digital FIT Rate which I posted about in this community already. However, I will promise suspense and surprise for all: for those who have followed our journey from the beginning, for the ones who jumped on board within the past year or for those who do not know what I am talking about at all.
Our transformation journey is a continuous ride which might be of interest to many of you - because it defies many conventional opinions:

  • global transformation of 100s of organizations with a small team of only 3 people
  • how a 170+ year old German conglomerate can be truly agile amazing many start up companies alike
  • for the technical people: how a non-technical person (me :wink: ) could reproduce the exact same groundwork for you in five minutes (I need 4 1/2 minutes to drink a coffee first, though)
  • for the non-technical people: how a technically passionate person (again me :wink: ) can still give you a mindset of ROI < 1 year -> cash/cost out (not just avoided process cost beg you pardon!) in the double digit millions of EUR
  • for everyone: digital transformation is fun, optimistic, … and human!

Looking forward to see you there!
The T of Digital FIT Rate


Dear Thi

I will watch your performance closely since I will be there as well. My head was to big for the spotlight :grinning: so the stage is yours!
Good luck :+1: and hopefully I will see many of you at this unique Congress!

Have :grinning: !


One week until CELOSPHERE!! 3M delegates will be in attendance! Looking forward to connecting with all of my fellow process miners from around the globe!!
:bullettrain_side::train::train::train::wind_face: WOOO WOOOO!