Is it possible to visualise own datasets in Celonis?

I have other datasets which I would like to visualise in Celonis. Those datasets contain values of KPIs and are directly connected to process logs. I would like to build dashboards the same way like I can do it in other BI tools.
Is it possible? and how can I load such data? I can prepare data in any required formats.

Hi Przemek,

I’m fairly new to Celonis, but I just did the Data Engineer track in the Academy and I don’t see why you can’t load any tables into Celonis (as part of a Data Job in a Data Pool), then add them to your data model and use them to build your dashboards in Process Analysis.

Or am I missing something here? What exactly are you trying to do? What have your tried so far and where are you running into issues?

Thank you very much for answer.
I have a dataset which has different structure than typical event logs. It is just simple flat table with KPI and SLA values calculated for countries , regions or set of categories. And I could not find any information if it is possible to load it to Celonis and then create nice dashboard out of that content. I can build dashborads in Celonis based on my own event logs so I am familiar with data exchange process, but it forces me to load particular structure of data.

Hi Przemek,
@123mdv is right, you can use flat tables in Celonis. I suppose what you are describing is the standard activity table dialog which is intended to guide you towards a functioning process model. If you want to upload flat files, then you can skip this part: