Hyperlink in case explorer


I have a field in my analysis with the link to a certain ticket in the CRM and we want it to be clickable in the case explorer. Is this possible?


Hi @lukasgaertner,

this is an awesome idea, but currently not possible in the Case Explorer.

However, in the OLAP Table you can use the functionality “Allow Data Service Link”

to jump directly to your CRM ticket.



Thanks @m.goetz for the info! But what do I have to write in the box, where I should define the data service link after ticking “Allow Data Service Link”?

My field is called CRM_TICKET_LINK and it has a URL like http://celonis.com/xyz, where xyz are all the parameters to come to a certain ticket in the web version of our crm.
So I thought its <%=CRM_TICKET_LINK%>, but this doesnt work. The same when I add the table like, <%=TICKET.CRM_TICKET_LINK%>


We use this feature for our ServiceNow incident data. It took a bit of work to understand the exact syntax needed, but this is how we do it.

I hope this helps.

Fig 1. The <%=URL%> variable is for the URL string that never changes. <%=COL2%> is the local variable that tells it to use the sys_ID data in Column 2.

Fig 2. Analysis Variable <%=URL%>

Fig 3. For the OLAP table, Column 1 is the incident number, however Column 2 is the Sys_ID which is needed for the web URL string to pull up a ticket in ServiceNow online.
Note that the Hyperlink arrow shows up in Column 1.