How to use process mining to go beyond process mining - #DigitalFITRate


Hi there, my name is Thi and I have been using Celonis process mining for about two years now - and it has been a life changing experience and journey. With my team I take care of the regional Quotation to Order and Order to Cash processes on a global level for a German conglomerate in the industrial domain.

If you would like to find out more about journey, you can start

How could we know that our project and results have been featured in Gartner’s keynote presentation creating a new trend called Digital Twin of Organizations - DTO.

Some of the key learnings:

  • Digital Transformation can be an optimistic and positive story
  • Not everyone can be a hero, but a hero can come from anywhere (slight change from Pixar’s Ratatouille)
  • embrace the technology, but don’t become it.
  • the right mindset and attitude still supersedes all level of managements and technical prowess