How to Get the Timestamp of the Excel upload through file upload option

Hello Team,

How to get the timestamp on when the file has been last uploaded in the celonis.
Senario :
A Excel File has been uploaded and a transformation job has been created for the same to add the details to the DM. The Excel uploading is manual and transformation job has been scheduled. The extracted details has been represented in an Analysis. Need to mention the details of the date when this file has been uploaded.

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Got the Answer from one of the Celonis Training Course :: MAX(_CELONIS_CHANGE_DATE) contain the timestamp of the last updated excel into the celonis.

Hi Pritam,

I tried to use MAX(_CELONIS_CHANGE_DATE) in our data model but it didnt work, so do you know if this is a default table/column in Celonis for all data models? or you explicitly created this in your excel file


Hello Amogh,

It is the default value from the celonis, we don’t have to create a column in our excel.
The Type of the field is Timestamp
SELECT MAX(_CELONIS_CHANGE_DATE) FROM Table_name(Excel Target Table Name)

Hi Pritam,

Thanks for prompt reply.

I am using Celonis 4.5 (on premise) version and I have a data model where I upload one excel file for data input every week. I tried to use above statement but got column not found error. Is there anything I am missing out?


Sorry, We are using IBC for the Celonis Instances, and I am not quite sure of the error.
You can create a service ticket with the celonis team to identify the issue and provide you with a solution to resolve the same.

I think it IBC that is making the difference. Thanks for your help