How to create your own event log recorder with Snap Google Sheets connector and Google Forms

As a product manager at Celonis, I have been approached many times to build a feature in Snap that can be used as an event log recorder. To put this request into practice, I created a fast prototype using the new Google Sheets connector in Celonis Snap and Google Forms.

In this example, I am going to record my daily activities. Let me show you how I did it step by step.
To begin with, I created a Google Form as it is shown in the screenshot below.

You can even use it with your smartphone.


Then google form has the capability to view responses in google sheet.

This is what I can see in Google Sheets.

My event log has already 2 out of 3 necessary columns. What is missing is the case ID. For my example, a good case ID can be the day of my timestamp.

Please don’t forget at the end to copy all the case IDs and then “paste special and only values” as it is shown below.

This is a screenshot of my event log after recording one week of data.

Now I will use the new Celonis Snap Google Sheet connector to extract my data. The first step is to navigate to Snap and click Quick Start.

Then select Google Sheets.

After that, enter the URL of your Google Sheet.

Choose the sheet that you want to analyze.

Double-check the type of data you uploaded.

Select the Case ID, Activity and Timestamp of your event log.

Then what happens is unique to Celonis Snap because we transform the data, we create your data model, load the data to the data model and create an analysis. Normally, these steps are performed by data scientists.

This is the analysis created by Quick Start. Let’s click and see what I can find there.

The configuration of my event log looks good. For example, I tracked 5 days which is equal to my 5 cases from Monday to Friday.

If I click next and go to the “throughput time” sheet then I can see that I am active approximately 16 hours a day which means that I sleep approximately 8 hours. It’s not 100% accurate because after recording the activity I needed some time to fall asleep but it gives a good estimation.

For the next steps, I am thinking to add another table including weather data in order to see how the weather might influence my day.

This was a simple example of how you can use the Google Sheets connector with Snap but the same principles would apply to any event log.


Dear @e.ndrio

Thanks for sharing good example.
One question, is Google Spreadsheet Connector available only SNAP ? I could not choose this connector in My IBC sandbox.

Dear @kaztakata,

Thank you so much for your comment. You are right you can’t choose it yet because for productive and sandbox teams it’s a bit more complicated but in the future any connector in Snap should be also available in productive teams except special cases.