How to control what are the status a signal can have


How to control how the status of the signals can be shown in the signal display to the user.
For example if we are not willing to give “Awaiting Confirmation” in the signal status.


unfortunately that’s currently not possible. To further evaluate this feature - can you please tell me the use case/pain point behind this functionality?


Hello Viana,

Thank you for the reply.
Sure let me given you the issue we are facing, there are signals which are routed to some users and the users after taking the action move the signal to Awaiting Confirmation, now the possible action is like notifying the correct person to resolve the case, which might take more than 1 day to reflect in the system.
When the Data Model got reloaded with the scheduled (everyday) extraction job from the above said system the celbot is moving the status of the signal from Awaiting confirmation to open.
This is making the users confused when they open their Signal list on the next day.

Thanks! I have forwared this scenario to our Product Team.

Just to add along with the status getting move to open status, the Assignee are also getting revoked.