How to adjust column width of olap table

Dear community,

For an analysis I try to combine quantative data with qualitative data (text) in an Olap table. However, the column width of the olap table is too short for the qualitative data. Is there a way to adjust it? In addition I would like to have multiple lines of text per case ID. Is that possible?

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Ronald Bakx

Hello Ronald,

welcome to the Celonis Community, and sorry for the late answer.

You can adjust the with of columns in an OLAP table using the flex layout option.
Just click on the OLAP table, select the Column (“Data Series”) of interest in the dropdown menu on the top of the options panel, and change the “Flex” value under “Layout Options” such that you get the desired width:

Mulltiple lines per data field is currently not possible.

Hope this helps! Best,