How can I trigger a data model update from Analysis


Hi together,

short question regarding the data model for an analysis…

What we have:
We have a data model which is updated automatically in a definded period.
So the data could be not up to date if we have a look at the Analysis based on the data model.

What we need:
Is there a possibility to update the data model of an analysis manually by a trigger?
The aim is to have fresh data in the analysis when they are needed.

I would be happy about any reply! :slight_smile:



Hi Andreas,

your datamodel in Celonis can be updated as soon as fresh data is available by using an external reload trigger.
In Celonis, you can configure an external reload trigger in your datamodel within the tab “Loading”.
From the button dropdown “When to reload datamodel” please choose “External trigger”.

Before you can configure this trigger in your datamodel you need to setup two things on your database:

  • you will need a reload trigger table RELOAD_TRIGGER_TABLE: as soon as there is a new entry available in this table for your datamodel, the reload of the datamodel is triggered. In the screenshot above, you see an instruction how to set up this table.
  • in order to trigger the reload from the RELOAD_TRIGGER_TABLE, you need to insert a new entry into the table as soon as the datamodel tables and views have been recalculated with fresh data. Therefore, add the following statement to the end of your datamodel calculation on the database: INSERT_INTO RELOAD_TRIGGER_TABLE (DATAMODEL_NAME, RELOAD_REQUEST_TIME) VALUES (‘MY_DATA_MODEL’, NOW() )

Best regards,