Has anyone experienced a whole day's work loss?

The behavior I’m about to describe has been hapening since the first day Celonis showed me the message “Your analysis was opened in edit mode in another window and… something”.

On a normal day’s work, everything starts normal when developing on Process Analysis.

As hours go by, things start getting slower and slower. We go to the windows task manager and realçize that Chrome (the suggested browser by Celonis) is pumping 70%, 80%, 90% of CPU and up to 100% memory (I’m only using Celonis on Chrome because everything else is running in IE, which is still our official browser).

By this time the only solution seems to be a complete restart of the computer. I close my eyes and hope that everything I did is stil there… Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. Here are some use cases for when it’s not.

  1. While on edit mode in any Analysis, I answer my phone and I need to leave development for a moment. I’m not worried because “I’m on edit mode, so no one can do anything while I’me there…”
    Wrong! If I take to long (I haven’t yet figured out how long) to get back with my development, someone from my team was able to enter the same Analysis in edit mode and didn’t receive any “the analysis is being edited by Joaquim” message. I didn’t get the usual “someone opened your analyis in edit mode in another window, so… sorry about that but what you were doing may be lost”… And it was!

  2. After spending a whole day changing code in my objects in the Analysis, to solve a huge problem, I’ve successfully published it and my customer was quite happy with the result.
    Then, he said “could you just add anoter column to the OLAP table, with the time between activities?”. Sure I can. I enter again in edit mode, I add the new column and 2 minutes later I publish it.
    Then the customer asks me… “Why is the whole Analysis exactly how it was this morning?”
    My blood freezes (because it’s 20:30, and it was a long day doing all this fancy PQL) and… yes! Everything I did, simply… isn’t there.

OK. You can think I’m slightly overreacting but this has happened to me several times and, only this week (yes, today is tuesday), it happened to 2 other members of my team. Everytime this happened I told them “probably you just forgot and didn’t actually changed that analysis”. But today I just realised that, either Celonis or Chorme has some problems handling with whatever is being saved in the cache.

Please… please, tell me I’m not crazy and surely not the only one getting this kind of problem.

Thank you.


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Dear Joaquim,
thanks for giving us feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you experienced this unexpected behavior. we would like to investigate further and find the root cause of it and therefore, I will reach out to you separately.

best regards

Thank you very much for your feedback.