Handle Activity explorer in multi event log


Multi event log is used one of my data model. I would like to use Activity Explorer in an analysis. Activity table cannot be defined in Activity Explorer. So Process node cannot be selected in this object.
So I looking for simmilar settings as it is in process and variant explorer.

this setting is missing from Activity Explorer. How can I define activity table?


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Dear @pesanyi ,

the “activity explorer” component does not allow to change the activity table but will always use the default one.
However, you can easily achieve the same behaviour if you rebuild this with two button dropdowns, a single KPI and variables.

  • A button dropdown where you load the entries from the desired event log and write the selected activity to a variable (“selected_acitvity”), which is then used in the PQL formula; of cause you can make also this dynamic with yet another dropdown if that is required
  • A Button dropdown to set a variable (in my example “activity_explorer_kpi”) with the PQL formula of what you want to calculate
  • a single KPI component and for the formula you use the variable “activity_explorer_kpi”, you can use a count of the cases in the upper threshold to get the correct animation

I know that is not completely out of the box but works quite good to achieve what you are looking for.

Hope that helps!
All the best