Filter the eventtime of specific activties


Hello everyone,

is it possible to limit the eventtime for a specific activity (e.g. clear invoice).

For example all cases where clear invoice was executed between January and October. In consequence all cases where the invoice was cleared outside this timeframe should be excluded.

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You can use PU_FIRST/PU_LAST with condition statement as formula for data picker component or as demention for chart. I.e. PU_FIRST(“your case table”, “your events table”.“event time”, “your events table”.“activity” = ‘Clear Invoice’)


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Hi Nick,

regarding my question I have a new problem which I can not solve.

I’m using the formula:

via the Date Picker to see all deliveries in e.g. one month.
The problem now is that there are cases which have more than one goods issue. E.g. One in August one in September and one in October. Using my formula only the goods issue in October will be displayed.
When I will see now how many deliveries I had in month September the total number is wrong because he only counts every case once and the last goods issue for this case in October. Do you have a solution proposal for that problem? How can I consider partial deliveries?

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Hi, Friedemann

Well, I can recommend to create column chart widget. Use ROUND_MONTH(“_CEL_O2C_ACTIVITIES”.“EVENTTIME”) as dimension, number of activities as KPI. Also apply component filter to this widget with condition FILTER _CEL_O2C_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” = ‘Record Goods Issue’.
This will show you number of good issues per month. Clicking on the chart should filter cases which has goods issued in specific month.


Hi both,

just adding here: To make it more dynamic you could use a variable instead of the named activity in your component filter:


With a button drop down in your analysis on the "_CEL_O2C_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” connected to that variable you can change the activity you want to analyze with a single click. The “IN” allows you to analyze more than one activity at a time.



Hi both,

thanks for your answers. The solution with the column chart helped me a little bit, but it didn’t solve my problem.

When I use this column chart and filter on a specific month I see all goods issue in this month. I also can export all cases which have a goods issue in this month.
But the problem is that I have another KPI which should adapt if i apply the filter. This doesn’t work.

So my column chart:
Component Filter - FILTER “_CEL_O2C_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” = ‘Record Goods Issue’

My single KPI (shows me how many of the sales order items had a change of the goods issue date

So I want to see all Goods Issue of one month and see then how many of the considered cases had a change of the goods issue date.When I apply there the same component filter,it works.
I don’t like to work with a component filter here, because then I’m very inflexible. Is there another possibility to get those numbers or is it the only way?

So the ideal way for me would be

KPI: # of Goods Issue Date changes (based on all SOItems)
Then setting a filter for one month -> KPI adapts to KPI: # of Goods Issue Date changes (based on all SOItems with a goods issue in the filtered month)

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All PU_* functions tend to sometimes ignore applied filters. Try to use another formula in KPI. Make it SUM(CALC_REWORK(“_CEL_O2C_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” LIKE ‘Goods Issue Date Changed’)). This should give you number of changes in cases and take into account applied filters.