Feature of the week series #3 - Undo/Redo/Reset Selections


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, iwe showed you how you can use Variant Clustering in your Analyses.
This week, we want to show you a small but handy feature:

Undo/Redo/Reset Selections
You can already imagine what it can do: It allows you to quickly get rid of all your selections (reset) or lets you undo/redo your filters in case you want them back after you removed them.

Check it out in the following video:

The feature is live on the Intelligent Business Cloud and will be in the next version of Celonis 4.

What do you think?
We are happy to hear your feedback about this feature or other small handy tricks that would allow you to work with your Celonis Analysis even more efficiently!

Your Celonis Product Team

Feature of the week series #4 - Bulk Actions in the Action Engine

seems nice and useful


this looks quiet good - could you let m know which vresion of Celonis we are talking about - seems in 4.3.1 it is not working or does it needs to be switched on in the settings?


Hey Kristin,
this will be in version 4.5 of Celonis 4.


Dear Nicolas,
I am currently testing Celonis 4.5 and I am not sure whether I am seeing it right: in the selection the “Select all” and “select none” seems to have disappeared. Now there is only an “invert” and if you type something, it will show also “exclude” or “include”. This “like” or “like not” statement is not the most elegant solution.



if you think about it: select all means in the new version: click on invert and type in a search string which does not exist?!?!?


Hey @Thi,
you are looking at two different components there.
The first one is a “Dropdown” component, the second one is a “Button Dropdown”.

They cover different use cases. The “Dropdown” component is used to select from a list of values and apply them as a selection (you will see the selection popping up in the top bar after pressing done).
The “Button Dropdown” component doesn’t apply a filter in the top bar. It can be used for several things, including writing its selections to a variable that can be used everywhere in the analysis (e.g. component or sheet filter).

So, depending on what you want to achieve, you can use one or the other.



Thanks Nicolas, actually it is not true. I’m looking exactly at the same component. Just different celonis version. If it is really two different components, then the 4.5 seems to change our old ones…
If you like I provide the video proof!