Feature of the week series #19 - Bulk import of tables into an extraction

Dear Celonis Community!

In the last “Feature of the Week”, we introduced how to extract data from Salesforce.

This week, I would like to explain how to easily import a lot of tables into your extraction for any source system that you have connected to the Intelligent Business Cloud.

There are a number of cases where you would want to take advantage of this feature:

  • You have discussed your data scope using a list of tables saved in a Microsoft Excel file
  • Someone sent you a list of tables to add to an extraction via email

Now, there is an easy way to handle these cases in a matter of seconds without the need to search for tables individually.


Let us now look at an example. Our goal is to create an extraction for SAP tables for the “Order to Cash” process. These tables were sent to us in an Excel file. Additionally, we received an email that we should add additional tables which are needed for looking at transportation in more detail. Let us have a look at how easy it is to handle both cases:

Handling the input

The import field supports a variety of separators, e.g. line breaks, but also commas, semicolons and spaces. If the source system from which you would like to extract data does not contain one of the tables that you entered, it will simply be marked red. If a table is already part of an extraction, it will be marked orange. Both will be ignored when saving so you do not have to worry about duplicates or wrong tables afterwards.

Required update for on-premise extractors

If you use an on-premise extractor (e.g. SAP or JDBC), please make sure to update to the newest version to take advantage of this feature.

We hope you found this interesting.

Happy Extracting!
Your Celonis Product Team