Explaining Process Mining to Children, Politicians or Execs


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein :wink:

Dear all,

I made this short video to explain Process Mining to any audience.

Though I have found great explanations from using data which is already in your systems from log files or inspiring the transformational change you can achieve in SCM, Audit, CRM - basically everything! - through Process Mining… didn’t really work out that great, especially considering that the attention span of most people is nowadays seconds - so if you make a meeting to explain process mining in 10 minutes, it usually is already 5 minutes too long.

I think the technical part must come later - even explaining it to technical people.

So my key learnings were:

  • once you show process mining based on a real use case like IT service operations, purchase-to-pay or order-to-cash, people were too focused on content than understanding the soul and heart of process mining
  • thus, take an example which has nothing to do with their work or expertise
  • but keep it in a way your audience could imagine it.

Probably this video will help nobody who is here in this forum, but maybe it might help you indirectly when approaching your own stakeholders - whoever they might be.



Wonderful explanation for a common man or a non technical person without going in techno functional details.
Thank you Thi:)


Thanks @hpriya!
There is in my opinion an even better version out now which I use during presentations here:


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I just love this post! thank you very much for another useful info!