Error too many stages in execute_like while opening analysis


I have loeaded my data model successfully but when i open my analysis there is no data (even the poucentage of cases). This error appears in all components :
‘too many stages in execute_like’

Do you have any idea what causes this issue please an how can i fix it?

PS: there is no filter applicable on the whole analysis and i kept the data model very simple.

Thank you in advance

Hello Mounia,

which Celonis version (which cluster on the IBC, CPM4.5, …) are you using?
Can you check if you have any queries in your analysis that use the LIKE operator?



Indeed i have a filtrer using LIKE ‘%XXX%’.
The problem have been solved by removing ‘%’
I suppose that there is no need to add wildcards before and after the expression, the interpreter adds them automatically.

Thank you


ok, happy to hear that removing the wildcard works for you. Yes, if you don’t use any other wildcards in the pattern, the ‘%’ is always assumed at the beginning and the end.

However it still should work with the '%'s. This has been fixed some while ago, so I’m assuming that you are working on an older on-prem version like CPM4.5. When upgrading to a new version, the error will most likely not appear anymore.