ERROR: Relation "sc_request$sys_audit" does not exist

Am facing this Error while executing Even Collection with Service Now Application.

Error transforming data: SyntaxErrorException: [Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Relation “sc_request$sys_audit” does not exist. Celonis Support ID: 8360a4cb-7d47-4046-9e2f-6e8ebc4c9e53

Any Inputs to support ?


it seems like something about the relation between 2 tables is wrong, but I’m not entirely sure what the issue could be. For this issue, it’s best to open a ticket on

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Am using DEMO version and connecting ServiceNow. This particular Issue is with sys_audit table and it occurs during transformation stage and successful while extraction.

How to fix the Table relation in the Transformation Template ?

Workaround - I have disabled this table relation to bypass the error.