Does Celonis Connect With Oracle R12 ( Oracle On-Prem ERP ) Or Oracle Fusion ( Oracle Cloud ERP)?

Hi ,
I am working on Oracle ERP ( R12 ) and Oracle Fusion ( SAAS - Oracle Cloud ).
Would love to know

  1. Can Celonis connect to the Oracle ERP On-Prem Database?
  2. How can Celonis Tool Extract data from the Oracle SAAS ( Oracle Cloud ) or Any other Cloud ERP application - Not all tables are exposed and accessible.

Any reply , would be great!

Thanks in advance
Ayan Bandyopadhyay

Hello Ayan,

Yes Celonis can connect with Oracle (R12) database and Oracle ERP Cloud.
We ( have connect multiple customers and specialized in Oracle. Also Celonis provides out of the box Oracle EBS R12 connectors and Apps in the Celonis App Store.
By the end of this your there will be App voor Oracle ERP Cloud as well.

Hope this helps.