Display data of two tables (SAP HANA + Excel) in single Column Chart?


Is it possible to display data of two tables based on a ROUND_MONTH timestamp x-axis in a single Column Chart? Date fields of the two tables cannot be connected in the Data Model, because the months have duplicates.



we are currently working on recreating your example to find a solution for your use case.




to use a round_month on your connected columns, you can use the following formula:


When using this, you have to keep in mind that:

  • the date and the month have to have 2 digits, so when you have april as month, it has to be 04
  • in the solution, there is a hardcoded year 2018, but you can add a case when based on a time information so that you can flexibly choose the year
  • the tables have to be connected with each other in order to concatinate the columns

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Thank you for the hint, Viana. I will check on Monday and give you feedback.

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We use Celonis 4.4 on the Productive system where I try to display the two tables.


The proposal does not work for our scenario because precondition 3 “the tables have to be connected with each other in order to concatinate the columns” cannot be satisfied. We are not able to connect (=JOIN) the two tables in the data model because we have duplicate date fields in both tables based on skills:

If it is not possible to display data of “unconnected” tables in a single Column Chart we have to arrange data in a different way.