Differents currency in "units"

I would not use “VBAP”.“NETWR_CONVERTED” and have the Net Value Order in the Document Currency.
When I insert as KPI “VBAP”. “NEWTR”, I would like to insert in “Units” the Document Currency.
I tried with:

  • “VBAP”.“WAERS”
  • <%=“VBAP”.“WAERS”%>
  • a variable : “VBAP”.“WAERS”
  • a variable : {“VBAP”.“WAERS” }

But it is not working.
Any idea ?

Thank you

Dear Laura,

Could you try it using VBAK.WAERK (header) instead VBAP.WAERS (item) ?

By the way, why don’t you use NETWR_CONVERTED ?
If the reason is you do not get appropriate currency conversion record, you manually insert record as of today then run transformation again.

Best regards,

Hi Kazuhiko,

It is not working also with VBAk.WAERS.

I am not using the NETWR_CONVERTED because the client want the document currency that can be in 8 differents currencies. The total of the net value is not important for him. It is just to do some check of the item on SAP.


Dear Laura,

Please type VBAk.WAERk instead.

Sorry writing error.
Below, what I tried at the moment.

With “VBAK.”“WAERK” and {“VBAP”.“WAERK” } in units:

With variable like VBAK.WAERK:

With variable like VBAP.WAERK:

Dear Laura,

I got your point.
I also could not see the currency value, when determining currency field (either VBAK or VBAP) to ‘Units’ field,

Could you write formula in PQL editor like below ?
vbap.netwr || vbap.waerk

Hi Kazuhiko,

I already tried it last week, it is working but I loose the format :