Delta Load BSEG (BKPF) -> AEDAT in BKPF not updated after clearing

Dear all,

we are facing a rather tricky problem.

We are doing delta load of the BSEG via JOIN to BKPF and using BKPF Fields like the following
BKPF WHERE (CPUDT >= ‘20181116’) OR (AEDAT >= ‘20181116’)

After clearing the position the AUGDT (clearing date), AUGBL (clearing document) and are set in the BSEG table


However the AEDAT Field is NOT set / updated in the BKPF table.

Our problem is, that we have the BSEG position already loaded in Celonis but before the clearing was done (AUGDT, AUGBL are null). Hence, we have to load the BSEG position again after clearing to get the information and correctly create the activity ‘Clear Invoice’, but the AEDAT field in the BKPF is not updated -> we do not know which BSEG entries we have to load again using the delta load mechanism!

Has somebody else experienced a similar issue?
Thanks for any hints!


Update: We tried to solve this issue by loading the “sap clearing tables”: BSAD, BSAK and BSAS into celonis. Then joining these tables with our BSEG and replacing the clearing date (AUGDT) and clearing document no (AUGBL) in the BSEG