Data Preparation Template

Hello Team,

I am working on custom process connection and Source system is EAM and Agresso (where I do not have knowledge and not worked on the system as well) . I’ve been using Data Preparation template as reference to identify the relevant activities, tables and fields information. Once the table and fields are identified, those will be extracted in CSV format and will be uploaded into IBC. In that case, how do I collect / get all relevant fields from the table?

For Example,

In Table A, based on the data preparation template, I found that below fields are relevant to prepare an event log.

Table A:

Field-A (ID) Field-B (Timestamp) Field-F (Dimension)

There will be other fields (like currency, Unit etc) in the table might be relevant for the usecase / finding root causes and those will be difficult to identify at initial stage of the project. To collect all relevant fields in Table A, how do I suggest them to share those information from customer end?

Do I need to get all the fields from the identified table? if thats the case, there might be lot of fields which are not useful. similarly, if there are more than 10 tables, the list even would be longer. are there any template exists for the same?

or do I need to request customer to share the complete tables and its fields in an excel and from them, do I need to find all the relevant fields for the usecase?

Please help me on the approach to find out and collect all the field information that are required

Connect Custom Processes_Activity Table_Data Requirements Filled Template.xlsx (62.2 KB)