Crop Activities Between Filter & KPI's


I have a KPI for determining our delivery block rate.

AVG(CASE WHEN PROCESS # 'Set Delivery Block' OR PROCESS # 'Remove Delivery Block' OR ISNULL(VBAK.LIFSK) = 0 THEN 1.0 ELSE 0.0 END)

Now I want to use the “Crop Activities Between” filter to show my delivery block rate between Activity A and Activity B. However, when I apply this filter, my delivery block KPI is still counting cases where a Set Delivery Block or Remove Delivery block activity is occurring before Activity A or after Activity B. I’ve even applied filters for “Case Does Not Flow through Remove Delivery Block and Set Delivery Block” and the cases where these activities occur between Activity A and Activity B are removed, but my KPI still catches cases where these block activities are occurring outside of the boundary activities. I would expect the “Crop” filter to filter out all entries from the ACTIVITY table outside of the boundary activities not only in the process/variant explorer, but for all KPIs. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding how the crop filter works?



Hi Tyler,

The crop filter is working a little differently than what you expected it to do.

What it does is select all cases where the two activities occur.

For the process explorer the activities outside of the boundaries are then hidden, but not for the rest of the components.

To achieve what you wanted to do, you would have to define the process a little more in your KPI, so that only occurrences in between the two crop activities are counted.