Creating a custom KPI


Using customer KPIs for the variant and process explorer we were wondering if an activity KPI and the connection KPI could be shown together? Differently worded: we want to tag both the connection and nodes with a percentage value. Your help would be highly appreciated.


Hey Niklas,

The activity KPI and connection KPI can be shown together. When creating a new custom KPI, you have to add the required activity KPI in the “Activity KPIs” tab and the required connection KPI in the “Connection KPIs” tab. Please see the screen shots below.


Hope this helps! Kind regards


Hi, thank you so much! That was exactly what I was looking for…


Dear all,
could you please share the correct formula for the ratio.
best regards


Hello Christian,

could you specify which formula you are looking for? I believe this is just refering to a general question about activity/connection KPIs.



Hello Henry,

yes exactly in the example above the ratio of activities and conection is shown e.g. Goods issue 97% of activities and 100% of connections lead to Create invoice
I tried to calculate these ratios in my analysis and failed.
best regards