Connection KPI for custom Activity KPI


Dear Colleagues,
I have built a custom Process Explorer Activity KPI, that takes the number of activity occurences from Case Level (BSEG table) and aggregates on header level (BKPF). This is because some activities are happing on header level, regardless of how many invoice lines we have. For example I post invoice only once and want to show value 1, even though it can be posted on 5 vendor item lines (BSEG=5).
I want to apply the same for Process explorer connection KPI, but I dont know how to handle it.
Can you please help me understand how to apply the logic to connection KPI? Details in attachement.
Thank you very much!Connection KPI.docx (173.9 KB)

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I would recommend the following post:

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Thank you for the link. So the way to set up Connection KPI in my process explorer is to use SOURCE & TARGET functions?